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Boarding Information

Boarding AreaWhen you board your bird at Parrot University, you'll enjoy the peace of mind of knowing that your parrot is with knowledgeable and caring people, in a safe and healthy environment. Both private and communal boarding rooms are available. Please call if you have any questions or would like to tour the facility.


Print Boarding Reservation Form

A 25% credit card deposit will be required to hold all reservations.

There is a TWO DAY minimum for all boarding due to the necessity for sanitizing cage and room after each boarder. Please notify us at least 48 hours in advance if you need to cancel your reservation. Otherwise deposit will be returned only if we can fill the room.

Holiday boarding is a 30 day minimum. Please notify us 30 days in advance to cancel your reservation and receive a refund on your deposit.

Early reservations are recommended during holidays and school vacations.

Boarding Rates (per day)

There is a TWO NIGHT minimum for all boarding, due to the necessity for sanitizing cage and room after each boarder.

Bird Size
Bird Species
Private Room
Parrotlets, Parakeets,
Cockatiels, Lovebirds,
Conures, Quakers
African Greys,
Amazons, Small Cockatoos
Large Cockatoos, Macaws

Additional bird(s): 20% off
1 - 6 months: 20% off
6 - 12 months: 30% off
13 months or longer: 40% off


  • Drop off and pick up is by appointment only. Pick up outside of regular store hours is available for an additional fee, depending on staff availability.

  • Bird must be dropped off in a carrier. Carrier must stay at Parrot University until bird is picked up.

  • Parrot University will provide cage. Owner must provide perches and toys.

  • Harrison's, Roudybush and fresh foods can be provided. Other food to be provided by owner.

  • Proof of wellness exam within 12 months, by approved veterinarian, must be provided in advance.

  • Proof of psittacosis exam within 12 months, with negative results, must be provided in advance.

  • Proof of current polyoma vaccine required in advance for all birds less than two years old.

  • 25% credit card deposit required upon acceptance of reservation. 48 hour cancellation required. Five day cancellation required for holiday boarding.

Boarding at Parrot University

Private Boarding RoomWhile home sitters are an option when you travel, there are risks. Someone unfamiliar with your bird or birds in general, may not recognize signs of illness. Your bird will be alone for the majority of the time. At Parrot University, your bird will be monitored for at least 10 hours a day and our staff will be focused on keeping your bird safe, healthy and happy.

  • We provide cages and radio for each room. No discount if you choose to bring your own but you are welcome to do so if you feel your bird will be more comfortable.

  • Night lights will be provided if desired. Please bring a cover if you want your bird to be covered at night.

  • We ask that you bring anything you feel will make your bird's stay more comfortable. You MUST bring at least three perches, toys, swings, etc. We cannot provide these items, as they cannot be properly sterilized between uses. You may want to provide a list of words, phrases or songs your bird can say, so we may use them to make him/her feel at home.

  • We will provide a well-rounded diet but you are free to bring anything additional you like. Roudybush or Harrison's can be fed in addition to cooked mixes of fresh fruits and vegetables.

  • Each room has a viewing window so your bird can see activity during the day.

  • Birds in private rooms can have time out of their cages on a daily basis unless the bird is not manageable.


There is always risk when exposing your bird to other birds while boarding. Avian medicine has made great strides but there are still many diseases for which there is no test or cure. The following are measures we take to protect your birds while boarding.

  • Birds will arrive and leave by appointment only, so that no exposure to others will occur in the lobby.

  • Veterinary exams and testing are required. Paperwork from the vet must be provided PRIOR to drop off.

  • HEPA filters will be on the main units and will be sanitized frequently.

  • Foot baths and hand washes will occur each time we exit a room.

  • All trash will remain in the room (contained) until checkout.

  • Food and water bowls will be sterilized after each use.

  • After a room is vacated, it will be cleaned ceiling to floor and sterilized.

  • All cages will be sanitized between uses.

  • We use a central vacuum system.

We hope this information will give you peace of mind when placing your feathered companion in our care. Please be assured that we will make every effort to keep your bird happy, healthy and safe during their stay with us. Thank you.